Classics and Special Ocasions

Spring 2019


Spring 2019 New Release

Ducky Collection-Float Dress
Fish Friends-Boys Short Set
Smocked Christening Girls Bishop Dress with Bloomer
Antique Stripe Collection-Dressy Short Set
Ducky Collection-Short Set
Sea Animals-Boys Short Set
Cottontail Collection-REV John John
Tee Time Collection-REV John John
Sharp Swordfish Collection-Boys Short Set
Cottontail Collection-Boys Short Set
Snow White Collection-Empire Dress w/lace
Sea Animals-Trunk
Sea Animals-Trunk From $32.00
Precious Cargo Collection-Boys Short Set
Cottontail Collection-Vicki Bubble
Cascade Blue Collection-Dressy Short Set
Blue Pinpoint Collection-Dress
Tee Time Collection-Boys Short Set
Smocked Christening Boys Dressy Bubble
Smiley Shark Collection-Boys Short Set
Sharp Swordfish Collection-Short Infant Bubble
Shadow Work Sailboat Collection-Boys Short Set
Scooter Kids Collection-Boys Short Set
Party Boat-REV John John
Party Boat- Boys Short Set
Fish Friends- REV John John
Blue Pinpoint Collection-Float Dress
White Eyelet Collection-Angel Dress Tie w/bloomer
Truckload of Fun Collection-Boys Short Set
Smocked Christening Boys Newborn Gown
Sea Animals-Strap Short Set
Scooter Kids Collection-Angel Dress Tie w/bloomer
Scooter Kids Collection- REV John John
Precious Cargo Collection-Short Infant Bubble
Precious Cargo Collection-REV John John
Party Boat-Trunk
Party Boat-Trunk From $32.00
Nifty Narwhal Collection-Vicki Bubble
Fish Friends-Trunk
Fish Friends-Trunk From $30.00
Fish Friends -Girls Short Set
Fish Friends -Criss Crop w/bloomer
Ducky Collection-Diaper Cover Set
Cottontail Collection-Capri Leg Set
Cockatoo Charlie-Boys Short Set
Cascade Blue Collection-John John Short w/tab
Blue Pinpoint Collection-Dressy Short Set
Antique Stripe Collection-John John Short w/tab
Antique Stripe Collection-Float Dress
Antique Stripe Collection-Dress
White Pique Collection
Tee Time Collection-Knit Infant Bubble
Snow White Collections-Float Dress w/lace